Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thrifty flower floating centerpieces

I have been absolutely obsessed with these centerpieces ever since I have seen this picture (and many similar ones) on Pinterest months ago. I finally broke down and attempted to create my own version. Below is the image that inspired me. 
Southern Hospitality Blog

As usual, I decided to go the cheap route and bought these flowers from the dollar store.  The amount you will need will definitely depend on the size of the container and how cramped you would like it to look.
I didn't take a picture of just the containers, but they are also from the dollar store. These specific ones are smaller, my guess is about 10 inches tall. They are perfect for my use!

Next step, chop up the flowers. They have wire in them so I used one of my jewelry making tools that can cut wire. Below is an image of this tool.
Below is an image of the flowers once I had chopped them up. In my initial attempt I kept the 'leaves' on the flower stems, but did not look the way that looked in the glass. To me, it looked a little bit like an fish tank with all that green but test it out and find what fits your style!

I filled the bottom with rocks, again from the dollar store. 

Below is an image before adding the water. I simply shoved the flower stems into the rocks. I decided not to but it may be beneficial to glue the stem to the rock. Just play around with it. 

Add water!

And viola! Here is the final product. 

I used votive candles that I already had (these have been used as jack-o-lantern candles for years). They actually float without any addition tweaking. Before I completed this project I assumed they wouldn't float and found that there are actually tutorials online for making regular votive candles float. Just google it!

So in total, I spent $4 (plus tax) on this project. I made two so each container cost a dollar, the bag of stones (which I had TONS left over) was one dollar and the one bunch of flowers was also a dollar. (I already had the candles). 

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