Tuesday, February 12, 2013



Rainy days and blankets

Wowza guys, I have been out of it lately! So much has been happening over the past few weeks... totaled my car on the highway and had to search for a new car. And I'm currently trying to catch up with my schoolwork as I had the flu all last week. After getting a flu shot every year it finally caught me - Not. Fun!

Her Name is Moon
Here is a little of how I'm feeling today - definitely moving a little slowly.
But the world looks better through your eyes
Rainy days and Blankets
But the world looks better through your eyes
Vodka Cupcakes

Friday, February 1, 2013

Who knows what's to come.

This past week I celebrated my birthday with great friends. It's coming up and for some reason I don't feel it. Turning 23 seems so bizarre. 

Obviously turning 21 was incredibly exciting. 
Then turning 22 was so 'mehhhh'. I had an amazing time celebrating, but the realization that I was leaving the cozy college world of IU somewhat terrified me. 

Now that I am turning 23 and in graduate school - I am feeling like less of an adult again. 

But as my good friend (whose birthday was this past week as well) stated - this is the first birthday where I do not know where I will be for the next birthday. (This isn't entirely true for me as I'm in grad school for another year, but I understand her point...) In a year, she could be anywhere in the world. She could be working somewhere else. She could be in a magical relationship or loving the single life. 

Who knows what's to come. 

(P.S. Go follow her blog at the loveliness of living. I love it)

Untangle Me
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