Friday, February 1, 2013

Who knows what's to come.

This past week I celebrated my birthday with great friends. It's coming up and for some reason I don't feel it. Turning 23 seems so bizarre. 

Obviously turning 21 was incredibly exciting. 
Then turning 22 was so 'mehhhh'. I had an amazing time celebrating, but the realization that I was leaving the cozy college world of IU somewhat terrified me. 

Now that I am turning 23 and in graduate school - I am feeling like less of an adult again. 

But as my good friend (whose birthday was this past week as well) stated - this is the first birthday where I do not know where I will be for the next birthday. (This isn't entirely true for me as I'm in grad school for another year, but I understand her point...) In a year, she could be anywhere in the world. She could be working somewhere else. She could be in a magical relationship or loving the single life. 

Who knows what's to come. 

(P.S. Go follow her blog at the loveliness of living. I love it)

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