Monday, January 28, 2013

Forever Young Pintrosity

My roommate pinned this image ages ago and I immediately fell in love with it. Seriously. Thought about it day and night. I even debated getting it as a tattoo. 
 A couple weeks ago I ran across this tutorial on Pinterest and immediately knew what I wanted to do. So I attempted to replicate the forever young image with glue on an old Hanes tee.
Life of Charmings
As usual, my eager self could not possibly wait to gather all of the appropriate supplies so I used what was on hand. The glue that I used is Elmers clear glue, not gel... but it still worked. But when I dyed the fabric it was too faint to see the image. I didn't even take pictures because it didn't work well.

But I love this idea and want to try it again with the gel glue. Have you tried this fun DIY? What worked for you?

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