Thursday, January 24, 2013

DIY Glittered Heels

I have more than a few pairs of heels that have taken a beating at the Bloomington bars... I had finally come to terms with the fact that they are beyond the point of passing of presentable and was ready to toss them out. 
Then I decided to glitter them and wear them on New Years Eve instead of buying new heels for the occasion! They turned out perfectly. Here is a little about the process...

I added some snapshots of the damage for anyone needing comedic relief. It's hilarious how awful they look... And these are just some of the spots!

 They were obviously in need of lots of TLC. 

But this project took barely any effort at all! I snipped away the pieces of the patent that were obviously sticking out from being scraped so that the surface would be even. 

I got my supplies together. All you need is Mod Podge (not pictured - but I just used the regular bottle), glitter, a bowl, and a brush (I used a sponge brush). 
I also lined the inside of the bowl with aluminum fowl to make clean up a breeze - I knew I wouldn't be saving the remains so I just tossed the foil and everything left over when I was finished. 

I simply poured some Mod Podge into the aluminum covered bowl and added glitter. (Sorry I don't have a ratio for you guys - I just kind of guesstimated... I probably had roughly equal amounts of each). 

IMPORTANT NOTE! The Mod Podge will be white when applied but will dry clear. Don't fret!

I used glitter that is larger so that it would have a flashier effect for NYE. I think that the smaller pieces would look gorgeous as well! 

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