Friday, October 12, 2012

Halloween party food ideas

It's obvious through my numerous posts about Halloween that I have a slight obsession with the holiday. As I have previously mentioned, I'm super excited to be attending a Halloween party at my friends' house... regardless, my pinterest account has been full of Halloween ideas that I would definitely use if I were to have own party. 

This first link has tons of ideas for creative Halloween recipes, and I just love the image below. Click on the link below the picture to check out how to make everything from spiders to a skeleton of ribs and even some Halloween inspired cocktails. 
Wicked Ways Productions
The link below has a lot of kid-friendly recipes for Halloween fun. Check it out for some really awesome stuff! 
Our Best Bites
The rest are all links with the recipe for that specific image - click on the link underneath to get to the website. Enjoy! Happy haunting!

Halloween bark 
See Jane in the Kitchen
Worms! (made from jello molded in straws)
Eyeball cookies! 
What a creative way to keep drinks cold... freeze the water in a surgical glove.
Simply Stated
This is absolutely my favorite Halloween themed item I have seen lately. It is available on Etsy for $10!

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