Monday, October 8, 2012

[Insert Name Here] Wall Art

Check out Shanty2Chic's project. I found this through pinterest and fell in love! HERE is the tutorial by Whitney.

All you need is a piece of wood and however frames necessary for the word (I chose to use 4x6 frames from the dollar store). Plus of course paint and glue. 

I decided to make one for my boyfriend, using his last name. I printed off the letters from this Flickr site. I decided to just print them on regular paper at home but you could of course print actual photos. I liked the grayscale color scheme so I spray painted the board gray and left the dollar store frames black. 

Below is probably one of my favorite spray painting tips!... When you are spraying, prop the piece up on push pins. Therefore the board won't stick to the drop cloth (or newspaper, etc). Just make sure that the pins are placed somewhere you don't mind having a hole! - I put mine where I knew it would be covered. 

Sorry, I didn't take many pictures along the way because I didn't really think about posting it on the blog. 

I printed off the letters after formatting them to be able to fit the individual frames.

I ripped off the kickstand piece in the back so that they would lay flat on the board. 

I decided to use hot glue but you of course could use wood glue, etc. to affix the frames onto the piece of wood. 

And here is the final product!

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