Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween is creeping up! Boo!


This year will be the second year I will be celebrating Halloween at one of the most spectacular Halloween festivities I have ever attended. 

All of my IU girls will be traveling to Cincinnati to celebrate with our good friend Logan and get to enjoy her mother's amazing Halloween home recreation. 

Seriously, how cute is this invitation? (Ignore the blank areas at the bottom, I blurred the identifying information).

I just have to share some of the pictures of the totally creative ways Logan's mom transformed her home into something extravagantly spooky and extremely detailed. 

This image cannot even capture everything that is going on! We continuously found little details that we had missed. Everything from artwork, to the china cabinet was changed to fit the Halloween theme.
And below is a picture of the IU girls with our lovely hosts! They were dressed as inn keepers (the theme for the night was a Haunted Scholar's Inn).
Last year we all went to a local pumpkin patch and found this gem - we found it hilarious! I may not be a blonde but it seems like my kind of corn maze.

In addition to me reliving my past I have also found some images of Halloween crafts that I love. If I were to be hosting my own Halloween party instead of going to Logan's wonderful party I would definitely make them!

This one would most likely be a little more time consuming than my typical crafts but I think that the outcome would be well worth it!
 I also found this image on Pinterest. Absolutely perfect for fall! And I love that the person who had pinned this image had the caption as 'mum-kin' how precious!
Jessica made these gorgeously creepy eye ball hurricanes. Click on the link below for a wonderfully detailed DIY instruction!
My World Made By Hand
How cute is this simple yet spooky craft? Nicole at Canadian Nickel Scrapn made this with just a piece of black construction paper and then some white for the eyes. Check out the link below the photo for the DIY instructions!
Canadian Nickel Scrapn
I absolutely adore this creative way to use styrofoam, cheap skeletons and pvc pipe. Check out the link under the photograph for the simple directions for this awesome decoration.
Halloween Forum
I love this house turned 'monster' - they used hardware store foam to create this unique piece. 

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