Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween weekend extravaganza

Halloween Weekend with the Halloween party master! My friend's mom, Kim, has some extravagantly amazing Halloween parties (which I learned she has done since 1996!) She has had a different theme every year... This year the theme was "Web-sters Tavern". The house was decked out with spider webs, nests, and lots of creepy crawlers! I took loads of pictures to show you guys! 

Here is just a TINY portion of the food selection - but some of the most creative. Deviled eggs that looked like eyeballs, witches stockings made from Halloween Oreos, and then of course the adorable spider cheeseball (the legs are crescent rolls).

Here is a close up of the witch stockings. I think they were my favorite!
Here is another favorite of mine! Kim put an old clawfoot bathtub outside and used it as a cooler... We put the skeleton under some ice and loaded up the beverages. I must say, it is extremely hard to put a Turbie Twist on a fake skeleton but it was well worth it!

Little miss creative made a Medusa head!

 Everything was decked out! Even the artwork was switched to fit the theme!
 "Ghosts were people too"
I just love ALL the tiny details! I took TONS of pictures... it's so hard to narrow down which ones to post!
This guy was hanging by a wire in their backyard. Even in the daytime it was spooky!
And then here are just some of the spider details that went with their theme...
Spider nests (there were loads of these all over the house!)

 Spiders everywhere! 

 The glasses I made for our lovely hosts. They say "I'm here for the boos!"

Our friend Amanda donated these adorable napkins.

THANK YOU KIMMERS (and Logan and Shawn!) for having all of us crazy IU girls for the night! We absolutely love Halloween at your house! 

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