Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Halloween Costume! - Salon Barbie

Anyone else remember this Barbie? I'm not even sure what to call her... Hairstyle/Salon Barbie? Either way, I decided to make an outfit to look like her! Such fond memories from my childhood.
(Image taken from Amazon)
I made the 'table' out of cardboard and covered it with a dollar store tablecloth. Then I glued LOTS of makeup, jewelry, hair clips, etc. 
*Tip: I knew that having actual makeup would be a PAIN because it would most likely break and get all over the place... So I actually used old eyeshadow palettes and filled them with nail polish. (Just a little trick I learned from playing makeup with youngsters - I never wanted to give them real makeup!)

 Below is an image someone caught of me without the costume on... The outrageous blonde wig was FULL of silly young girl clips by the end of the night. 

 Who knew fake eyelashes that are about three inches long are seriously IMPOSSIBLE to put on? 

 Here is the final product!

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