Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween roundup

I just couldn't resist posting another Halloween roundup! As I have previously mentioned, I LOVE HALLOWEEN! I will be posting pictures Sunday with images of the fabulous-ness that will be the Halloween party that I will be at this weekend.

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How cute is this candy corn cheesecake?! Click the link below the image for the recipe.
Grin and Bake It
 This website has the recipe for the 'brain cocktail' and has lots of other spooky themed cocktails on the website. 
These ghost strawberries are just too adorable! 
The Sisters Cafe
They also have a recipe for these unique mummy chocolate covered strawberries. Click the link below!
The Sisters Cafe
What a simple way to add some spook to a mantle!
Martha Stewart
This is a really simple craft but for some reason I thought it was too unique to pass up. 
A Diamond in the Stuff
As a girl who loves just about anything that sparkles, I think that this is just a wonderful way to decorate a pumpkin!
Better Homes and Gardens
Another unique pumpkin idea - super cute!
Martha Stewart
And finally, this is one that could be altered for a lot of fun different themes... you could use mice, snakes, any creepy creature!
Martha Stewart
Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween!

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