Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What I Wore: 9/25/12

Today was a cheap-o outfit day! The skirt and scarf I am wearing were both goodwill finds and the basic white tee was $4 at American Apparel. 
(Looking at this picture now I'm realizing I need to hem the sleeves so they aren't so bunchy! I'll be adding that on the list of things to do.)
It's somewhat difficult to see in these pictures but the skirt has some fun and flirty pleats. 
 I'm seriously obsessed with this scarf! I have yet to perfect how to tie it in a way that can show it's true beauty...
 Check out this magnificent pattern. I seriously cannot begin to describe how beautiful I think it is. 
 The only tricky part is displaying it's true beauty... I'm not used to square scarves and can't decide how to wear it well and display the stripes as well as the crest. 
 But here is how I wear it:
I fold it in half into a triangle...
 Next I simply roll it a little bit so it's a little more manageable... 
I didn't like the point with this high waisted skirt so I  just tucked the bottom up into the inside of the scarf.
 I wrap it around my neck and cross the tails in the back and bring them around to tuck underneath in the front. And voila! 

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