Saturday, September 29, 2012

DIY Dry Erase Calendar

This DIY is fairly simple and can be very unique. 
Simply put fabric/wallpaper scraps/wrapping paper/whatever you desire as the background in a photo frame. 

I thought of this when trying to find a way to stay organized with my coursework this semester. I found a nice dry-erase board calendar (yet it was just a plain white wipe off board) for over $40 at Meijer. I figured I would be able to make a much more visually appealing one at a much lower cost. 

I simply drew out the calendar as I wanted it on the back of the image that was already in the frame. I am honestly unsure of the size of this frame... I know that it is larger than 8x10. 

Simply divide the total by 7 (you'll want 5 rows). 
*Don't forget to include an area for the days of the week. 
*Also, don't forget that the glass may sit in the frame which may overlap and cover the perimeter of the glass. So if you look closely, there is a line on the left and right of my paper indicating where the glass will first be visible. (If you don't take this into account the outside squares will be smaller than the other five.)
I drew the lines directly on the glass in sharpie on the side that will be inside of the frame (where the picture would typically go) and then flipped the glass over and wrote the days on the outside because I am not talented enough to write them in reverse. 
I had a few fabric and paper background choices and played around with the options for a while. 
*Make sure that you are conscious of whether the markers will show. (Especially if you are like me and decide to color code, make sure the colors will be legible!)
 I originally was going to use dry-erase markers but they were a little difficult to read because they weren't as dark. 
While using glass cleaner to spruce it up a little bit I discovered that the black sharpie wipes off with Windex. So, lately I have been using sharpie to write out the events. 

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