Sunday, September 16, 2012

My very own mint jeans

I have completely fallen in love with the fun colored jeans that everyone seems to be wearing but have struggled to find some that I truly like. I'm cutting my budget exponentially now that I'm trying to get through grad school so the pairs I have found were a little out of my price range. Therefore I decided to make my own! 

I have dyed a few things before when I was feeling picky about precise colors so figured I could do it again. I promptly found a pair of white jeans (capris) that were well within my budget. 
Here is the before. 

They happened to be on sale at Old Navy. They are 'Rockstar' fit. 

I decided to use Dylon dye because this color fit my exact desire... It is called Bahama Blue. You could also use Rit Dye (and they have an area on their website that gives you a color guide to make the perfect shade!)

I decided to use a bucket but there are various techniques... you could use the microwave/stove/washing machine but I have never tried those). Read the instructions.

Just make sure that everything is submerged! Also don't forget to wear gloves or you will be dyeing your fingers as well!

Here they are immediately after pulling them outta the bucket. 
*They look darker than they will look after you rinse them! Don't fret. They will not be that shade in the end.

The shade was absolutely perfect!

BUT... I apparently had not not submerged the pants very well and therefore the pockets had a stained look. The remedy was very simple - just put them back in the bucket for a while longer and rinsed again. 

Here is the final effect! 

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