Friday, July 27, 2012

Revamp wall art

(Before and After)

I got this idea from a cute little blog you can find here! 

I immediately started hunting for the perfect painting to attempt this craft. I found this one at Goodwill for 99 cents! It is small, but perfect for what I need. I think it’s going to go on my desk, so the fact that it won't take up much space is perfect.

I purchased these stickers from Hobby Lobby for less than three dollars. They probably weren’t the best choice because they were more like tagboard scrapbooking stickers rather than vinyl. I simply chose these because they were cheaper, but I suggest spending the money for some quality stickers so that they will peel off easier once the project is completed. (I had to correct some mistakes since the paint got underneath these stickers). 

 I cut the letters out individually so that I could test out how I wanted to situate them on the painting. 
Once I finally decided how I preferred it I peeled off the stickers and placed them on the painting.
Then I painted over the entire thing with acrylic paint from Hobby Lobby.
This color is called Bimini Blue by Apple Barrel and took two or three coats for me to cover it adequately.
Once it was dry I peeled off the stickers and voila! Here is my finished project! 

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