Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DIY Swim noodle poppers

Another SUPER simple and CHEAP activity for kids. When I made a 'kiddie car wash' (CHECK IT OUT HERE!) at the beginning of the summer and was trying to come up with creative ways to use the remainder of the swim noodles a co-worker of mine suggested this wonderful idea she had once seen in Family Fun. I found a tutorial here.

Family Fun
All you have to do is slice the swim noodles into pieces about 2 inches thick. Then simply quarter them.
Family Fun
The kiddos have been having an absolute blast with these. We begun playing with them by trying to make them into a bucket but it quickly became a game of tagging each other by popping them towards each other. Some were able to squeeze them between their thumb and pointer finger but some with smaller hands found that difficult. We learned it was a little easier for those to cup the popper in their hand so that the top is under all of their finger tips and the bottom rests against the bottom of their hand (wrist). Then simply squeeze together and let them fly!

I have to admit that I enjoy these too. The day we made these I took some to Bloomington with me and promptly starting attacking Kevin with him. He was less than thrilled but I sure do enjoy them!

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