Saturday, June 16, 2012

My hot glue gun fought back

On Friday while making an expansive month-long craft with the kids at the day care center I work at my glue gun finally had enough of my shenanigans. (As soon as that craft is finished I'll post pics. I'm super excited about it!!) Anyways, the glue dripped off the project and onto my leg. I promptly decided it would be a wonderful idea to get the scalding hot glue off of my leg. So of course my genius self instinctively used my dominant hand to brush it off. Which in turn severely damaged my thumb and index finger. After learning that submerging my hand in a glass of ice cold milk made the pain a fraction more tolerable I kept my hand in milk for the next 6 or 7 hours.

Of course Kevin and I are camping this weekend so I made the trek to meet him in Bloomington with my hand in a glass of milk.

It's not pretty and I quickly learned that I am probably the furthest from ambidextrous that any individual could be. This minor burn has made me realize how lucky I am to be fully functioning (at least physically!) most of the time.

We are currently camping in a gorgeous state park and the beauty that surrounds me is almost unbelievable. I'm loving getting back to the basics even if it's just for a little bit. I will be posting pictures of this great scenery soon! We haven't even left yet and I cant wait to get back!

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