Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DIY 3-D Flowers

I originally created this blog hoping to primarily post about my various crafting ideas. Of course as soon as I decided to do so I also started slacking on my crafting. Therefore, I'm going to start off by posting about past creations. Then I'll eventually work up to posting some of the things I'm currently crafting!

This is possibly the easiest craft I have ever done... and also one of my favorites. 

I simply bought artificial flowers from a craft store and promptly tore them apart so that they were single flowers. I found this gorgeous frame as is (without a back or glass) for a dollar at our local Trader's Depot!! - this was obviously perfect since I didn't want a back or glass anyway...

I could have been a little more crafty and secured them in a nice way but honestly, I wanted a quick fix and tape worked well. I arranged the flowers against the back of the frame and simply taped over the stems. It has held up for years and obviously doesn't show from the front so works for me!

I ABSOLUTELY love this frame. I'm usually more of a fan of silver but the details are just gorgeous and the cheap price is obviously a huge plus. 

My favorite aspect about this is that it does not have a back. It will always show the wall color and my OCD self will not have to change the back matte a million times. 

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