Sunday, June 17, 2012

Beauty in Nashville, IN

This weekend was just jam packed with beauty. Kevin and I went camping at Brown County State Park and had an amazing time. We got there a little later than we had wanted and of course forgot a mallet to get the steaks into the ground – so clever Kev made do with a rock. 
As we were grilling for dinner a curious little raccoon joined us and started raiding through our food while we were sitting right there! I knew to expect animals but not while I was still trying to eat! Of course later, he brought back about six of his little buddies and they scavenged the entire area for food that no longer existed.

Unfortunately, we were only able to spend one night camping but we took advantage of our gorgeous surroundings. I probably took about a hundred pictures of the trees – who knew trees intrigued me so much!

We climbed one of the fire towers.

Here are some more pics from the drive around the park. 

And visited Nashville, IN – which has plenty of cutesy touristy shops and some AMAZING food. We went to Big Woods Brewery – one of my all-time favs. 

And walked around the town. (The pictures seemed much more artsy as I was taking them but ohhhh well, you still get a sense of the experience). I just LOVE the look of these houses/shops. So homey. 

 This was a sign at the front of a jewelry store "Your husband called and said you can buy anything you want" - Love it!

 One of my good friends started a tradition for herself that I am going to attempt to begin as well. When she studied abroad last year she collected Christmas ornaments at each stop along the way. I love this idea and cannot wait to beef up my Christmas collection. So I’m going to be on the hunt for ornaments (or items that could be transformed into ornaments) whenever I visit someplace new. So although Nashville may not be new or exotic, I decided to begin my tradition… and found the perfect ornament to commemorate our time in Nashville this weekend.

Unfortunately they did not have any raccoon ornaments but this little mouse came in close second. Definitely not my style but so perfectly adorable.

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