Monday, June 4, 2012

My Weekend

Here are a couple snapshots from my wonderful weekend visiting my boyfriend. After a long day at work and being so tired from the drive this is what was waiting for me!
I made one of my first crafts for him (nothing too exciting, but really meaningful...) The coordinates of where we met. I'm going to make it more fancy eventually but suppose this will do for now.

Here's us squinting in the sun!

After a great weekend filled with exciting adventures - including going to a martini bar and realizing it was salsa night, which turned into us both salsa dancing for the first time -  I proceeded to wake up late this morning and was almost an hour late to work - but when I left work today with this gem waiting for me....  
(We obviously have very different views on the proper techniques of distributing toothpaste) Thank goodness I'm worth a thumbprint in the middle of the tube!!

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