Thursday, August 23, 2012

DIY Earring Holder

This craft is so simple it's unbelievable. I just used dollar store frames that I had lying around and used a staple gun to attach this wire fencing (Sorry! I'm not exactly sure what kind it is... definitely smaller than chicken wire). It just happened to be lying around so I nabbed it.

(I have so many earrings that I have two 8x10 frames for my earrings) 

It was super simple but is not very fancy. Eventually I'm going to find a fancier frame but this certainly works for now!

Below is a version that a friend of mine created with a much more intricate frame. Once I decide to stop being so cheap I will definitely be updating mine!
I am slowly getting settled into my new apartment and will be posting pictures of my area designated for jewelry as soon as it's organized. 

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